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QETA Feedback on Economics and Business Yrs 7-10

07 Jul 2021 5:59 AM | QETA ADMIN (Administrator)

Dear ACARA review managers,

We hope this email finds you well in this continuing COVID period. It has been a challenging time for Queensland teachers, who have valiantly and steadfastly shown themselves to be flexible, agile and life-long learners of new technology and education best practices for teaching in different modes.

Queensland Economic Teachers Association Inc. is a body of teachers and other educators throughout Queensland, Australia, committed to the promotion and advancement of Economics and Business Education in schools. To achieve this goal, the association organises and resources a diversity of activities, aimed at enhancing the professional qualities of teachers, and the understanding of Economics and Business among students. Our organisation was established in 1968. It is a non-profit organisation.

Please find attached the feedback of Queensland Economic Teachers Association in response to the proposed changes to the Australian Curriculum Economics and Business. (ACARA Review Feedback_Final.docx)

QETA is concerned at the extent and nature of the proposed changes, and believe it is not yet close to having achieved the ACARA Review aims. Importantly, our members feel it is not yet in a form that would assist teaching, learning and assessment, including where it is implemented in schools who do not have access to sufficient or any subject matter experts on staff.

In summary:

  1. Overall, there is substantial work still required on this curriculum so that ACARA can achieve its aims of reducing, refining and decluttering. Our members are concerned at the extent of changes, and whether there is sufficient time for planning for the implementation of the proposed curriculum, which represents a curriculum expansion that was not anticipated, at a time when workload issues are paramount. This is especially so in Queensland where teachers and schools are still in the first phases of implementation of a new senior secondary system.
  2. The proposed curriculum, starting from the rationale, does not yet communicate economic and business core concepts accurately, with appropriate terminology and in a way that would support teachers. This particularly impacts those who are teaching E&B without subject matter expertise or without an economics or business teacher on staff - which can occur in especially in regional and remote schools.
  3. Some of our members have referred to the challenge of reducing E&B content at a time when it is becoming more important for Australians to take greater control and responsibility to achieve their own financial independence. The risk is that these students leave school without an adequate understanding of how to use economic and financial literacy to improve their own standard of living and economic opportunities. QETA feels that this is a key learning that ACARA should take back to education decision makers – the personal and national economic benefits and opportunity costs of more financially literate citizens compared to a greater understanding of key points in history (History is the only HASS subject that is currently compulsory in Years 9 and 10). This is an important trade-off that must be considered in future ACARA reviews, as the benefits of economic and financial literacy being a compulsory school experience outweighs the costs, both individually and to our broader society.

Please contact us if you require further information.

Kind regards,

Management Committee

Queensland Economic Teachers Association

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