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News - February 2021 Welcome to 2021!

23 Feb 2021 5:53 AM | QETA ADMIN (Administrator)

Welcome to 2021. Just like that, the holidays feel like a distance memory and we are back in the classroom. We hope everyone is back fresh and eager to take on the new year and we offer the following items of interest this month:

New series of online student talks from the RBA

The RBA has ust released a new Explainer covering ‘Drivers of the Australian Dollar Exchange Rate’. This explores the different factors that lead to changes in the Australian Dollar exchange rate over time. It completes our suite of exchange rate Explainers, which can be accessed on our Explainers page. Videos on this topic will be released in the coming month.

The RBA is committed to supporting Economics teachers and students by providing access to its economists and their insights.

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding our online events last year, which enabled access for schools across all regions of Australia.

For 2021, we have scheduled an extensive series of online talks throughout the academic year, via Zoom. There are two talk types to choose from:

• Monetary Policy & Current Economic Conditions (aimed at Years 11 and 12) – An economist will share insights on how the RBA conducts monetary policy, and current conditions in the Australian economy. A recent graduate will also share insights on his or her career path and role, discussing the benefits of studying Economics.

• Introduction to Economics (aimed at Years 9 and 10) – An economist will provide an introduction to the economy, the role of the RBA, and the benefits of studying economics.

Talks from February to May 2021 have now been uploaded to the website. Teachers can register for any of the talks and will be sent a link nearer the time, which they will be able to share with their students.

As with all the RBA’s resources, talks and events are free. Registrations can be made at: https://www.rba.gov.au/education/book-a-talk/

QETA News Blog and Facebook Group

QETA is aware that we all receive many emails and too often the over use of email results in these messages being ignored and quickly deleted. We try not to overload your inbox with a monthly newsletter but for those who wish to be informed more regularly, there are other options to stay connected.

As QETA receives items of interest we post these to our News blog on the website. These are often shared with the Facebook group in order to draw the attention of members to them. The Facebook group is also open to all members.

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Parliament of Australia (APH) Monthly Statistical Bulletin

The APH produces a monthly data pack with the latest economic figures which may be lesser known to teachers relative to the Reserve Bank and Australian Bureau of Statistics. The APH’s value is in the format and accessibility of the charts with easy to read graphs, simplified tables and snapshot explanations of key economic and social indicators such as the labour market, business, finance, external transactions and demographics.

Bulletins and data publications can be found at: https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/MSB

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

The EIU, the research analysis division and sister company to the The Economist newspaper has over 70 years of experience in helping individuals, businesses and governments navigate the economic, political and financial landscape of an ever-changing world.

The EIU publishes free reports on various topics for those keen for in-depth analysis on the latest economic issues. Recent reports include:

  • Industry in 2021 – Growth prospects for core industries such as retail, automotive and energy
  • Asia in 2021 – Trends to watch in China, Indonesia and Japan
  • Brexit – Risk and Resilience for business

The website also offers various various resources in text, video and podcast and can be found at: https://www.eiu.com/n/

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